In an increasingly complex regulatory environment and in a financial climate like the current one, the claims against advisors and executives of companies are proliferating.

We are increasingly exposed by our actions and decision-making. We are legally responsible with the company, shareholders, social creditors and any other that we can harm, and we can respond in a way of solidarity with our own personal assets.

In this situation, it is absolutely crucial o protect those directors and managers who every day have and must make difficult decisions. Their independence, decision making capacity and courage should not be conditioned.

In addition to the traditional coverage of liability insurances for Directors and Managers, Artai offers more special coverage:

  • Claims for Labor Practices – dismissals, harassment, discrimination… with the possibility of including in the insurance the legal person.
  • Defense costs for the Legal person for corporate criminal liability.
  • Subsidiary insolvency an tax liabilities of the Manager and Director.
  • Posting and maintenance of civil and criminal liability bonds and in some cases the constitution itself.
  • Possibility of taking out international programs with local policies abroad.