The different Public Administrations (Local, Autonomous, State, Universities, Public Company, etc.) are demanding of a series of very specific services in constant change.

In ARTAI we have a department specialized in the Public Sector, with a network of offices distributed throughout the national geography, which allows us to offer customized solutions to each type of Administration.

A complex and demanding sector that requires constant adaptation and the development of specific tools, such as those available in ARTAI:

  • Web-based query and management tools.
  • Ways to reduce administrative management of policies
  • Electronic Billing Procedures
  • Protocols for action in the event of an accident

ARTAI provides its consolidated experience in supporting and accompanying all types of Public Administration, both in the identification of risks and their reduction, and in the adoption of

Budgetary control measures

  • Audit of Insurance Programs and Needs Analysis
  • Advice and support in risk management
  • Elaboration of specifications of technical prescriptions and Design of Insurance Programs
  • Drafting of offer valuation reports
  • Elaboration of Technical Reports
  • Claims Management
  • Study of events and proposal of special insurance
  • Etc.