seguros para empresas construccion

Beyond the requirements that come from the legislation itself, the search for alternative sources of energy –minihydraulic, wind, thermo-solar, photovoltaic, biomass, cogeneration…– of new environmentally friendly construction materials respectful to the environment in both real estate promotion and public construction, and innovative techniques and tools at the service of construction companies –engineering, architectural studies…– make this sector be in permanent change.

Artai, thanks to its multidisciplinary and multinational team, is in a position to offer specific solutions hat allow to anticipate and efficiently solve the needs of assurance and protection of the risks and responsibilities of the companies and the people that make them up. Here, and anywhere in the world.

Gallagher- Artai Specialty Partnership

is a highly specialized unit in state-of-the-art insurance solutions for construction, energy and natural resources risks, which bring the experience and knowledge of cutting-edge national and international markets.

Participation in Project Finance or Refinancing Projects

Security Deposit Insurance

  • Tendering of Public Tenders
  • Connection to the distribution network
  • Connection to the Transport Network
  • Special Lines

Insurance for projects in Construction Phase (building and civil works)

  • Transportation Risks
  • Assembly Risks
  • Machinery and Construction Equipment
  • Civil Liability
  • Loss of Advance Benefits
  • Professional liability Insurance

Specific Energy Coverage

  • Lack of Sun/Wind
  • Environmental Liability Insurance
  • Political Risk Insurance
  • Catastrophic risks (international programs)

Insurance for Projects in Exploitation Phase (building and civil works)

  • Finished Real Estate Protection
  • Lease Loss
  • Decennial guarantee (with and without FCW)
  • Completed Civil Works and Operating Expenses
  • Civil Liability Exploitation
  • D&O
  • Advance to Account
  • Guarantees for Tender and Execution
  • Political Risk, External Projects
  • Risk Consulting Project Financing Entities
  • Financing of Insurance Premiums

Historically the progress of humanity has come from the hand of construction, the use of the natural resources that surrounds us. Today the keys have not changed, but our own values system does.