seguros para grupos profesionales

Our main clients are Companies. nd they have, whatever its sector, two major business keys: their customers and their employees. Without the former we would not earn income, and without the latter we would not be able to offer or produce that which is demanded of and appreciated by the former.

In this sense, Artai wants to offer to its own clients services and insurance packages in such a way that add value to their offers, that distinguish them from the competition and make them more desired for both their customers and their employees.

Solutions specially designed for your Affinity Groups –customers and employees– and for all types of Collectives –Professional Associations, Associations…–.

Mobile and Mobile Breaks and Theft Insurance

Life Insurance and Accidents

Insurance for Serious Illnesses

Motorcycle Insurance

Car Insurance

Unpaid Rentals

Unpaid rentals / Legal defense

Protection insurance of Receipts and Invoices

Travel Assistance Insurance

Pet Insurance

Civil Liability Insurance

Home Insurance

Home Appliances

Extension of guarantees

We can design and negotiate a wide and creative range of insurance designed specifically for the group in which you participate or for the affinity group you belong to.