seguro maritimo

Since its birth ARTAI has been especially linked to the sea. Its origin, Galician, and the profile of its first customers, ship owners, has made us great expertss of the maritime sector.

A complex and constantly evolving sector that requires a high degree of specialization and adaptation in the contracting, management and administration of maritime risks.

The ARTAI’s team of professionals has specialized in producing solutions in the national and international markets -mainly in European markets and Lloyd’s-. And this team is the one that, year after year, has gained the confidence of the main players of the sector:


They have to face multiple risks arising from their activity: accidents, pirates, loss of income, civil liability, non-payment … In ARTAI we are fully aware of this situation and, after an in-depth study on each case, we suggest the most appropriate package for each client:

  • Hull Insurance (H&M)
  • War&Strikes (W&S)
  • Loss of Hire (LOH)
  • Protection&Indemnity (P&I)
  • Freight, Demurrage & Defence (FDD)
  • Innocent Owner Insurance (IOI)
  • Mortgagee’s Interest Insurance (MII)


They are another of the most relevant agents in the maritime sector. As in other sectors, it is essential to ensure the most relevant aspects of shipbuilding, oth for the constructor and the client: delivery times, qualities, guarantees of use…

  • Builder’s Risks Insurance
  • Shipbuilders Guarantee Insurance

Owners of Yacht or Pleasure Boats

For smaller units as well as for Super, Mega and Giga Yachts, it is important that nothing tarnish a playful moment like ‘going out to sea’:

  • Damage insurance
  • Coverage of War and Strikes
  • Coverage of crew and passengers
  • Medical expenses
  • Coverage of personal effects
  • Towing Coverage

ARTAI analyzes in depth the coverage needs of each of its clients, regardless the position they have in this value chain, and offers the insurance and services package that best suits their specific characteristics, their unique characteristics.