seguros logistica transporte

In Artai we know that you strive to offer a quality product that meets the needs of your customers.

Although you are able to control this quality within your premises…

… Are you sure that your product arrives in perfect conditions to your customer?

In order to respond to this and other issues ARTAI offers you a set of coverages allowing you to obtain the maximum protection for your products during their transportation, in such a way that it is appropriate and committed to the particularities of your sector an your Company and accompany you throughout the entire process; before and especially afterwards.

Coverages vary according to the economic and legal position of the different parties involved in the process.

Depending on the type of client:

Person in charge of loading/unloading

Damage insurance for your goods that are completed with the English Coverages “A” among others:

  • Return-to origin coverage (covering expenses) and urgent and replenishment expenditure
  • Debris Removal
  • Freight and Rejection of goods
  • Contingency
  • Hidden damage
  • Derogation of exclusions due to poor stowage/unsuitable stowage
  • Fast track
  • Indemnization advance clause
  • Stock & Transit


In addition to covering the Liability derived from your own activity –risks that are established by the CMR or LCTTM agreement– you may need new coverages aimed at covering possible losses or damages of the cargo transported for a third party:

  • English Clauses “A”
  • First Risk Coverage
  • Debris Removal and Trademark Expenses
  • Actual damage by stowaways
  • Participation in benefits
  • Fast track

Freight forwarder

  • You must take out a Floating Insurance that covers your customer goods.
  • Your priority is to obtain the maximum coverage for the legitimate holder of the interest of the goods and all this in a cost-optimized way.
  • In this case, not only from ARTAI, it is recommended to cover the same coverage of the Person in charge of Loading/unloading, but also it makes available to you an online system for issuing insurance certificates and sending reports of periodic claims status as well.

ARTAI analyzes in depth the coverage needs of each of its clients, regardless their position in this value chain, and offers the insurance and service package that best suits their specific characteristics, their unique features.

The experience, the knowledge of the transportation world and the ability to interact with the main Insurance Companies in the world are our letters of introduction: the signs of identity of ARTAI.