The economic situation makes the internationalization, even more so, be one of the top priorities of our companies.A strategic decision not without risks.

It is very important to know the regulations applicable in each country, what insurances must be compulsory taken out or what ‘local’ policies are more suitable for us. All this makes it essential to have a reference broker who has a presence in the target countries.

  • Political Risks
  • Exposure to Fiscal Risks
  • Surety for tenders in other countries: public works, renewable energy installations…
  • Export Credit Insurance
  • Transport insurance for manufacturers and / or distributors
  • Loss of Products in Critical Locations
  • International Service of Invoice Recovery
  • Health for Expatriates and / or Displaced Persons
  • Travel Assistance
  • Crisis Management Insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Civil liability adapted to local legislation

In ARTAI we have a clear vocation to accompany our clients in its growth, and for that reason it has a wide network of operators in more than 180 countries.