seguros de contingencias

There are risks that, due to their complexity, their innovation, are difficult to fit into the traditional insurance lines, and it is necessary to go to specialized contingency markets.

A cancellation of a show, an unexpected success of a promotional campaign, commercial campaigns or incentives linked to sporting success… In these cases it is imperative to design customized, flexible and innovative insurance products, many of which are located outside the national scope.

The organizer, the producer, the exhibitor, the artist, the football team, the chain of electronics stores, the golf club, the sponsor, the end user… there is a wide spectrum of possible profiles that:

  • Can suffer economic losses derived from this type of contingencies.
  • Or where these events could mean a business opportunity for them and a risk linked to that opportunity.

ARTAI has the professionals and the necessary channels to provide innovative solutions and adjusted to any need, however accidental it may seem.