Our commitment does not end with taking out a policy. Our work goes beyond, and during the proposal term, we will be keeping an eye on all those aspects that may vary within your company and that may be susceptible to modify the conditions on which we base the initial analysis: stockholders’ equity, inventory, new liabilities, etc.

It is at this stage precisely where you can appreciate the added value that we suppose for you and your company. We have already obtained the most appropriate policy for you but during the time the latter is in fore, we will also take care of :

  • Monitoring their normal operation from an administrative point of view.
  • Establishing an action protocol in the event of an accident that shall be customized and adapted to your peculiarities.
  • Accompanying you at the time of the incident. We will be with you in the expert’s evaluation.
  • We will remain vigilant with regard to renovations and your updates.