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Insurance Broker: Integral solutions for your company

We add value from the beginning

In Artai we specialize in identifying the most relevant risks of your company and designing the Insurance Program that provides them with the best coverage,
We cannot avoid incidents, but we can anticipate them and apply the most effective solutions if the occur.

We accompany you in day to day

The commitment we achieve with our cliens does not end with the taking out of the policy. We will always be very close to you in order to know firsthand all those aspects of your business that can make vary the risk and advise you accordingly by putting at your service all our experience and professionalism

We are when it is most needed

In moments of truth, and especially before an incident, you will find us at your side, following step by step the previously established protocol of action. We will support you throughout the process so that you can focus on returning to the normal activity of your company, with the least economic impact and as soon as possible

seguros flotas pesqueras

The fishing industry has a number of very specific needs that we have known which we have interpreted for over 20 years. This fact has allowed us to consolidate ourselves as the benchmark in the Insurance Market taking into account the number of fleet we have managed.

seguro financiero Artai

Achieving a customer and keeping it faithful over time is a process that requires a lot of effort on our part. Therefore, it is very important to have some financial information about the customer, to have access to a good recovery management or simply to know other financing ways


With ARTAI CONNECT you will have
an overall and immediate vision of
the state of all your insurances






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Did you know that after the work accident of a worker, the company may be obliged to pay at one time the amount of the surcharge to be paid by the worker?
If any employee suffers an injury or illness as a result of working for you, your company may be forced by the Labour Authorities to pay, in a single instalment, the amount corresponding to social security surcharges. Until now, the insurance of this amount was not possible. The good news are that we already have an insurance solution for this issue. Find out more about it in our Whitepaper